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Fasting for Spiritual Wellness

I am thrilled that my friend Jill Hoven hosted me as a guest post writer for her blog Follow His Footprints this week.

Do you sacrifice anything for the Lenten season?

I grew up in a tradition of observing Lent as a time of sober contemplation and confession.  Yet I didn’t grow up in a tradition of fasting at any time, Lent included.

This year is the first time I’ve given up something for Lent.  While writing my new book, The Fruitful Life, in February, the Holy Spirit convicted me when I wrote the chapter on self-control.  He showed me my all-out addiction to sweets and how it blocks my spiritual growth.  He encouraged me to give sugar up this Lenten season so I could experience new blessings.

On Ash Wednesday, I began my sugar-free journey.  It’s been a week now as of this writing, and here are five lessons I’ve gained by fasting for spiritual wellness.

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Trading Anxiety for Peace

When was the last time a real threat triggered your anxiety?

Yesterday I faced a tense situation at work.  I had to keep my emotions in check to remain professional.  Yet my anxiety churned inside and I had a hard time keeping myself under control.  I was edgy, quiet, and humorless.  I’m sure my smiles looked forced.

After the situation was resolved, my pent-up anxiety leaked out in weird ways.  I felt inexplicably grouchy for almost an hour.  I got a little snappy, and I withdrew into a small project where I could block everything out.  During this hour of leaky anxiety, I didn’t really feel in control of myself.  My emotions were overriding my normal calm, composed demeanor in ways I didn’t understand, but I couldn’t stop.

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