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Five Minute Friday: Steady

Writing for five unedited minutes on the prompt “Steady” for Five Minute Friday.

After school in my childhood, my sister and I stayed with the “S” family after school. My sister and the youngest boy of the family loved to play in the open field behind the house, while I usually stayed inside and read books. But they begged me to come play with them. The problem was, I had to climb over a gate to get to the field.

The gate was locked by the field’s owner, so we couldn’t swing it open. If you wanted to cross, you had to climb over. And I couldn’t do it.

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A Time to Grieve, A Time to Dance

Today’s post is based on chapter 7 of my latest book, Newness of Life, recently released on Amazon.  Get your copy now, and be sure to enter the giveaway below for a free copy!

Yesterday I read a post on Jennifer Dukes Lee’s blog about grief, penned by Cheri Gregory.  Cheri wrote so beautifully about grief, I want to include an excerpt here.  Head over to Jennifer’s blog to enter a book giveaway this week only!

How Grief Ushers in Gratitude
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12 Days of Christmas Memories: Older Children

xmas ornament

Last Christmas we hardly bought any toys for our children.

How did they grow up so quickly?

The times of toy wonder are drawing to a close.  My daughter still plays with Barbies and baby dolls.  My youngest son is still entranced by Legos.  But my oldest son thinks he’s outgrown toys.

Christmas feels different with older children, but it comes with new privileges.

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