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How to Celebrate Differences in Marriage

I’m so excited to be featured at Kaitlin Garrison’s site, The Barefoot Blog, this week as a guest poster in the #WifeHack series. Here’s a brief intro to my post, and I hope you head over there to read the rest.


Have you ever seen the classic movie “The Odd Couple”? Two men who couldn’t be more opposite must learn to get along as roommates, without killing each other in sheer frustration.

That’s the story of my husband and me.

When we were dating, our opposite traits seemed charming and delightful. He was bold and driven; I was quiet and content. He liked constant variety; I liked constant routine. Our friends told us we were a great match, because we balanced each other so well. He and I felt like we had found our missing halves.

We had no idea yet how our differences could become SO annoying. We said our vows with stars in our eyes, and they blinded us to the sometimes painfully funny truth that awaited.

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Be His Advocate

Welcome!  I’m glad you’ve joined me for the final day of this 10-day series, “How to Be the Wife He Really Wants.”  Read on to see what’s next, in time for Lent!

Do you know your words show how you are an advocate for your husband?

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