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Hope in Hard Times-Guest Post

I’m so excited to be featured at my friend Micah Maddox’s blog this week for a guest post. Here’s a brief intro to my post, and I hope you head over there to read the rest.


I have to admit: hope hasn’t always come easily for me.

I have several hope-defeating tendencies. For starters, I’m naturally one of those glass-half-empty people. It’s easier for me to see the downside than the upside most days.

For most of my childhood and adolescence, I also struggled with passivity and fear. This didn’t help during decades of toxic relationships. Hope was hard to come by when I was in emotional survival mode.

Even though I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember, the concept of holding onto hope is rather new to me.

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Portrait of a Persistent Woman

Her daughter was asleep. She peered carefully into her scratched-up face. Only strong herbs mixed with wine would calm her poor girl, ever since the demon had taken hold of her. Her sweet, loving, obedient daughter, the pride of the family and the village, had become hateful, violent, and abusive overnight.

They had chained her daughter to the bed to keep her from destroying every item in the house. She had broken half their pottery and torn their linens to shreds. She spewed vicious hatred from her mouth, and her eyes were wild with turbulence. They swaddled her hands so she would stop tearing at her own flesh.

A memory floated back: when her daughter was a newborn, she had fashioned tiny mittens to prevent her little fingernails from scratching her baby face. Oh, those days were long gone. Sorrow and desperation welled up in her spirit. She missed her girl terribly, and feared that the demon would kill her daughter unless she got help. She had to find healing, and she needed it now!

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Five Minute Friday: Steady

Writing for five unedited minutes on the prompt “Steady” for Five Minute Friday.

After school in my childhood, my sister and I stayed with the “S” family after school. My sister and the youngest boy of the family loved to play in the open field behind the house, while I usually stayed inside and read books. But they begged me to come play with them. The problem was, I had to climb over a gate to get to the field.

The gate was locked by the field’s owner, so we couldn’t swing it open. If you wanted to cross, you had to climb over. And I couldn’t do it.

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