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Five Minute Friday: Truth

Writing for five unedited minutes on the prompt “Truth” for Five Minute Friday.

Yesterday afternoon I was hacked by a malicious tech support pop-up. In my desperation, I consented to the deceivers’ terms.

They lied over and over, promising to fix my computer remotely. Promising to accept payment wisely. Promising to install shields of protection when they were really scanning my computer for gold.

I didn’t recognize the red flags until it was too late. Then later I read this infographic, and learned how badly I was scammed.

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Too Much Mary, Not Enough Martha


In my daily life right now, I’m good with the Mary part and not so great with the Martha part.

My spiritual life is pretty great, but my house is a disaster, as usual.

Most women tell me the Mary part is hard for them.  They struggle to find closeness with God, time to pray, and time to read his word.  But for me, the Mary part in Luke 10 has always been a breeze. 

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