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Earthen vessel, 2013


Dear readers, instead of my normal post today, I will share this popular poem from my past blog.  I have been busy this week with a different project, but I will return to a normal writing schedule next week.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy today’s devotional poem. Blessings to you!

clay pot

You lift me up

in the valley of despair

above shadowy sorrows

downcast discouragement

ground-level grief.

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Why God made me an orchid girl

orchids 2010 2

One afternoon several years ago, I cried out to God from my prayer closet:  “Why do you allow me to feel so much pain?”

I was standing in the intersection of old grief and new grief.  That summer I wrote many memories in the form of poems, an excruciating process of reliving past hurts.  I brought old hurts out in the open on paper, examined the pain, grieved the loss of what they revealed, and worked to put them to rest. 

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