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A Fresh Batch of Book Reviews #8

Hello!  I’ve got three excellent books to share with you today.

First, I invite you to buy my brand-new book for only 99 cents this week!  The Fruitful Life is a study on the fruits of the spirit, perfect for this Lenten season.  Please hop over to Amazon and download it for only 99 cents now!

Two free resources for this book await you if you sign up for my email list below.  I’ve created a 40-Day Study Guide and 40 Days of Prayer so you can have a more fruitful season.  Sign up here to gain access to these free resources, plus lots of other exclusive content!

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If you want even more out of this book, join my Facebook group now.  You’ll discuss this book in community with other readers.  They are an encouraging, inspiring group!  As a group member, you’ll have chances for giveaways not listed here on the blog.  Request to join today.

All right, friends.  Here are the three great books I promised for you: a memoir, a devotional, and a children’s chapter book.

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Fresh Batch of Book Reviews #7

Friends, I’m keeping it short and sweet today, because I’m busy writing my next book, The Fruitful Life: Addressing Common Sins and Growing in Faith.  I hope you’ll join me tomorrow when I begin my sneak peeks into The Fruitful Life before it launches on March 5.  Today, I hope you enjoy these two reviews on Energy Reset and 40-Day Lent Vocabulary Word Devotional.

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