Book Review: Under a Cloudless Sky

It’s been a while since I read a good Christian fiction novel, and I’m happy to introduce Under a Cloudless Sky to you today.

Under a Cloudless Sky

The first book I read by Chris Fabry was June Bug. It was an excellent story, which turned me into a fan. That’s why I chose to review his latest book, and I just finished it last night.

It’s a gentle mystery, set in the Appalachian Mountains. I attended college near there, and the slow pace, scenery, and drawls match what I have in my memory. The story swings back and forth like a pendulum between 1933 and 2004, and does so with ease. It weaves friendship, tragedy, and faith together in a beautiful tapestry.

In 1933, Ruby and Bean are two kindred sisters from different worlds. Ruby’s father owns the general store in a coal mining town. She’s a well-to-do town girl. Bean is from a poor family, living hand-to-mouth due to her father’s drinking and carousing. The two girls love one another and dream together.

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The coal mining company controls the people in 1933 and in 2004. Hollis is fighting for the right to keep his land. His parents had deep roots here, and his son died in a mining accident. He can’t let go, even though moving away may be better for his ailing wife’s health.

In 2004, Ruby is an 84-year-old woman who is strong in her faith. Though her two adult children have just taken her keys away, she sets out on a mission to return to Beulah Mountain, where the massacre happened decades ago. Her story takes intriguing twists and turns, which lead to the truth about the mining company in both 1933 and 2004.

What I Enjoyed Most about Under a Cloudless Sky

This story deftly weaves the past and present together. It talks about friendship, dedication, and conviction. I was drawn in, chapter by chapter, by the slowly unfolding mystery. It kept me up later than normal last night, but it was definitely worth it.

He writes tenderly about Ruby, and I appreciate his insight into an elderly person’s challenges. The mountain-style metaphors and interesting side story lines gave this book extra interest. I also enjoyed pondering what life was like for these hard-pressed people in American history.

This author’s note wraps up the story nicely:

I host a radio program called Chris Fabry Live.  I’ve noticed, through the years, that many callers who are up in years will confide, with the right prompting, some difficult thing that happened years ago that they’ve never revealed to anyone…As callers reveal themselves, I hear it in their voices. There is something taken from them in the telling, a load they have carried for decades…I often wonder why it took so long to put it there and if someone they know and love will help them move forward.

If you’re looking for a new fiction read that’s clean, historically based, and thought-provoking, Under a Cloudless Sky is a great choice.

Thanks goes out to Tyndale Fiction for a free review copy of this wonderful book.

Question for you:

Have you read any of Chris Fabry’s books? If so, which one is your favorite?

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