Billie Jean, 1984

1984 michael jackson from pinterest

We love to dance to Aunt N’s records

while she puts on her makeup.

Our favorite is Michael Jackson.

The best song is Billie Jean.

We dance wild and free

and jump on her bed

and she laughs with us.

Sometimes we dance so wild

the record skips

and we have to start it over.

Then I ask Aunt N about the song.

I don’t understand the words.

I ask her, “What’s a lover?

Why isn’t the kid his son?”

Aunt N says, “Those are things little girls

don’t need to know.”

I got some clues from the video.

After he dances and spins on the sidewalk that lights up

he climbs the stairs outside a building

and goes to a bedroom

and when he gets in the bed with someone

it lights up and that person disappears.

His mama told him to be careful

who he loves.

I wonder if his mama liked Billie Jean.

I bet she didn’t.

Sister has a Michael Jackson doll.

He has the sparkly red jacket and one fancy glove

just like the real Michael wore on TV.

He is married to Sister’s Barbie

because we don’t have a Ken.

One night Sister put Barbie and Michael

under her pillow to go to bed

like a mommy and daddy.

After that Mommy took Michael away.

Sister stomped her foot and asked why.

Mommy said they should not sleep together.

“But they’re Mommy and Daddy!”  Sister said.

It didn’t matter.

She never got Michael back.

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