Be His Visual Delight

God created you to be a beautiful gift for your husband. #marriage

I’m glad you’ve joined me for day 2 of this 10-day series, “How to Be the Wife He Really Wants.”

Do you know how beautiful you are in your husband’s eyes, and in God’s eyes?

Most of us know that men are wired to be visually stimulated.  Just like Adam in the Garden of Eden, when he first saw his beautiful wife, every cell in his body lit up with pleasure.

God created you to be a beautiful gift for your husband.  Your hair, eyes, curves, and softness draw him in, no matter what shape, size, or color you are.  You are his visual delight, friend!

If you are like me, you often struggle with a positive body image.  Every day I struggle with self-criticism about one body part or another that doesn’t seem to meet my standard of beauty (much less the unattainable cultural standard).  Every day I question deep inside, Am I pretty?

Take a look at this scripture:

How beautiful you are, my darling!
    Oh, how beautiful! Song of Songs 1:15 NIV

God treasures you as a beautiful bride, many times more than your husband delighted in you on your wedding day.  God doesn’t focus on your flaws.  He sees you as beautiful all over, because you belong to Him.

Listen to this quote from You and Me Forever:

Let this sink in: God uses that picture [a bride on her wedding day] to describe how attractive we are to Him.  He has made us that beautiful.  It’s hard to imagine the Creator of the universe looking at us with that kind of fondness. Some of us are overjoyed just to know that He doesn’t hate us…

Just remember it’s nothing we did.  Jesus took away all of our ugliness.  Unlike a typical bride, we are all shabby, grotesque, and woefully unprepared moments before we walk down the aisle.  But our Groom beautifies us when we look to Him in faith, and in that instant we become His cherished bride.

Remember, we don’t need to pretty ourselves up for God. We don’t have to lose 15 pounds, color our hair, and wear false eyelashes to impress him.  He loves us because we are His.

Do you remember when you were dating and felt beautiful simply because you were loved?  I remember in the early days of our relationship, my long-lasting self-consciousness faded away because I was immersed in new love.  When you are filled up with love, feeling beautiful comes easy.

Take a moment to dwell on God’s love for you.  Think about how beautiful you are in His eyes, and praise Him that He calls you His own.

Take a moment to recall a sweet moment in your marriage.  I’m sure your husband has expressed his delight to you at one point.  Dwell in that moment and savor it, friend.

Now that we are in our 17th year together, I have to come up with fresh ways to be a visual delight for my husband.  I know he loves me no matter how I look, but I want to be beautiful for him because he enjoys it.

Here are three ways I’m choosing to be a visual delight this week:

  • Stay dressed up after work.  Usually I change into yoga pants and a long-sleeved T-shirt when I get home.  He leaves early in the morning and never sees me dressed up, except on Sundays for church.  I think he’ll enjoy the surprise of seeing me in nicer clothes and jewelry on a weeknight.
  • Wear something beautiful to bed.  I confess, most nights I’m looking for something warm and cozy this time of year.  But my husband delights in seeing me in those neglected pretties, and I need to pull one out of hiding.
  • Leave the light on.  When we’re intimate together, he really loves being able to see me.  I prefer total darkness (like most women, I think), but I can light a candle to make him a lot happier.

What practical step can you take today to be a visual delight to YOUR husband?  I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

Join me tomorrow for Day 3, “Be His Private Garden.”  And catch up on Day 1 here!

Photo generously provided by Lillian at Embracing the Lovely.  Visit her site for more beauty and inspiration!

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  1. I often criticize myself….my thighs are too big, my hair looks terrible etc…. My husband says it hurts HIM when I do that. I have been working at being less critical.

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