Be His Helper

Welcome!  I’m glad you’ve joined me for day 1 of this 10-day series, “How to Be the Wife He Really Wants.”

Do you know God masterfully designed you to be a helper?

In our fast-paced world, wives still typically bear the brunt of homemaking, even if both husband and wife work outside the home.  This is true in my marriage, and sometimes I feel weary as a helper, especially when I forget the importance of my role.

Think of all the ways we wives help build our homes and marriages.  We cook and clean.  We run errands, pay bills, shop for groceries and clothing, and take care of sick children.  We decorate our spaces to create beauty and warmth.  We provide the nurturing environment for relationships to thrive.  We are the heart of our homes.

Do you know how much God appreciates your help?  

Look at this scripture:

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper suitable for him.”  Genesis 2:18 NIV

By creating Eve, God provided a helper for Adam.  She was perfectly designed to be fruitful and multiply when joined to Adam (Gen. 1:28).  She was also designed to help Adam fulfill his calling to rule over the earth and subdue it (Gen. 1:28) and to work in and take care of the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2:15).

This verse calls to mind my great-grandparents’ marriage of over 60 years.  My great-grandpa was a farmer and my great-grandma was his right-hand gal.  He tended the fields and animals; she raised their children and cooked, cleaned, and mended, caring for the chickens and the garden too.  Their roles on the farm were inextricably linked, and my great-grandpa deeply appreciated all the ways my great-grandma helped him succeed.

In today’s fast-paced world of 2017, my husband and I work in separate worlds most of the day.  He builds houses; I work as a school secretary.  And yet our roles are very similar to God’s original design.  My husband’s primary calling is work; my primary calling as a wife is at home.  I’m the primary cook, cleaner, and mender of relationships.

A part of me wishes for a slower, simpler time when our roles as husband and wife would overlap more often, as they did for my great-grandparents.  I can’t go backward in time, but I can look for ways to help my husband now in ways he appreciates, like with these five practical tasks:

  • Find paperwork he requests right away (don’t put it off!)
  • Make his favorite meals and desserts at least once a week
  • Help him with his laundry (in my house, each person does their own)
  • Keep spaces free of clutter, which annoys him more than it does me
  • Pick up his prescriptions
What practical step can you take today to be a helper to YOUR husband?  I would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

Join me tomorrow for Day 2, “Be His Visual Delight.”

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Photos generously provided by Lillian at Embracing the Lovely.  Visit her site for more beauty and inspiration!

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My book Newness of Life will help you apply Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 so you can understand God’s plan in your current season.

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

No matter what season you are in, God is teaching you valuable lessons to grow your faith and trust in Him.  We will discover what God is saying through the different times and activities we traverse.

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  • I’m always so thankful for words that remind me of the sovereignty of God. It boggles my mind to think that He was able to bring my husband and I together, and that He is my custom-made completer!

    • Sarah

      Thanks for reading, Michele! I hope you come back tomorrow for the next post, and my giveaway will be active then!

  • To answer your question – always knowing where anything is, even if it’s something random in a totally random place.

    • Sarah

      Thanks for answering! I hope you enjoy this series.

  • This got me: “Do you value your role as your husband’s helper as much as God does?” I thought you were going to say, Do you value your role as your husband’s helper as much as your husband does? 🙂 Although my husband does value me (and I appreciate that!), it’s more important to realize that GOD values it too! Thanks for this, Sarah!

    • Sarah

      Thank you Lisa! I agree, looking at it through God’s eyes is most important, especially if a wife feels her husband doesn’t always value her help. I have had times like that in my marriage, and in those trying days, the truth that my help was seen and valued by God affirmed my work. Thanks for reading!

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  • Even though I do most of the cooking and house chores, I like to think of it as teamwork. I’m not relegated to those roles but it’s the best way for me to support both of us as we continue to chase dreams and build our lives.

    • Sarah

      Good thoughts, Lauren. I agree, it’s a great way to support your family.

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  • What a wonderful post. Very timely. I would love for you to share it at The Fabulous Valentines Party at my blog. Come over here:

    • Sarah

      Thanks for the invite! I’m headed over right now.

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  • Wow! I’m liking the everybody do their own laundry rule! That could possibly be a bit of Heaven for me! lol! I’m the sole proprietor of that task in our home and with 2 athlete teens and a husband who works out daily, I could do laundry as a full time job! There is so much truth in what you say though, Sara. There are things we can do as helpers specifically for our spouse. We can’t do it all and what one wife does compared to another wife may be different, yet finding those things that our spouse values most is important!
    Love this, Sara!
    Blessings and smiles,

    • Sarah

      Love your comments, Lori! I’m training my children to be independent now, hoping they’ll be great helpers to their spouses someday!

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