Almost Time for Newness of Life


My new Bible study, Newness of Life: Trusting God in Times of Transition, will debut January 8, 2017 in e-book format.

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An online Bible study will accompany the book in my Facebook group from January 9 through February 3, 2017. 

You are invited to join in on the discussion!

I have several sneak peeks to announce today.  Here are examples of the quote cards I’ve been creating from nature photos I took last spring:

I love using nature photos to illustrate my blog posts.  Another quote card:

Here are some reviews from my launch team:

Speaking as one going through a major period of tragic loss and life transition, I found Newness of Life: Trusting God in Times of Transition to offer hope and needed insight.  Geringer invites the reader into her own journey and helps us make connections with our own lives.  She faithfully and gently introduces Scripture and helps one listen for God’s voice and leading.  An excellent resource for both personal and group studies. Ken H., Georgia


The author masterfully uses events, stories, and accounts of her life as she weaves her way through Scripture; providing numerous opportunities for the reader stop, reflect, and apply the message of the Bible to their life.  This is a great book for anyone looking for insight, discipline, and focus in their spiritual life.  The outflow of the application questions causes one to pause and determine what steps God is looking for them to take in order to continue on the journey to full spiritual maturity.  I highly encourage followers of Christ to work their way through this book in order to continue striving for the Kingdom focus that is critically necessary in our day and time.
Alan Balmer,  Author of The 100 Day Vocabulary Word Devotional (releases Jan. 2017), the 40 Day Lent Vocabulary Word Devotional (releases Feb. 2017), and Tips And Advice To Get A Job And Advance Your Career (releases Mar. 2017)

Here are free resources that will help you in the online Bible study or your personal study:

Newness of Life Worksheets

Online Bible Study Reading Plan


Giveaways will be announced on Fridays.  If you comment on my blog or in my Facebook group, you’ll be entered to win prizes on Jan. 13, Jan. 20, and Jan. 27.  All comments will be entered to win the grand prize on Feb. 3.  The January winners will receive a magnet set of these beauties, to inspire newness of life:






My new book will help you apply Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 so you can understand God’s plan in your current season.

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV

No matter what season you are in, God is teaching you valuable lessons to grow your faith and trust in Him.  We will discover what God is saying through the different times and activities we traverse.

Want to read the book intro?  Visit this link.

I look forward to hearing how God is working in your current life season.  I hope you will join in the fun and discussion on the online Bible study.

Please vote 17 on this link: Click HERE! so I can make my publishing dream come true. God set me free from my fear of abandonment, and I want the world to know!


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