The Abundant Life, Part 4

Today is the final installment of The Abundant Life series, about overcoming a scarcity mindset. I’m combining it with the Five Minute Friday prompt word: “overcome.”

How do you overcome a scarcity mindset? We’ve talked about using reflection on God’s goodness, gratitude, and praise to chase away “not enough” thoughts. The final weapon in our fight against the scarcity mindset: hope.

Hope’s Basis

Even though I’ve been a Christian for decades, hope is a relatively new friend of mine. A scarcity mindset trapped me for so long that hope seems like a stranger.

When you feel like you don’t have enough, it’s hard to find a basis for hope. Hope focuses on tomorrow. If every day looking forward feels frightening and unsure, how can you hope?

My ability to hope grew as my faith and trust in God grew. I had to first believe that God fulfills his promises in abundance, and trust what he says is true, before I could use hope to overcome my scarcity mindset.

Reasons to Trust

I began studying God’s characteristics to build my trust in him, which led to hope:

Hope for Every Day

Now I build hope into my daily prayers to overcome my scarcity mindset.

When I’m tempted to doubt financial provision, for instance, I pray something like this:

“Lord, I refuse to believe you will leave me stranded. I trust that you will be my Provider, as you always have been. I place my hope in you that you will provide a solution to this problem, perhaps in a way I can’t see right now.”

This kind of prayer helps me out of the pit of not-enough thoughts.

My fears are calmed when I deliberately choose to place my hope in God’s promises. My faith clings to God’s character and God’s promises, and hope steadies my heart.

Only God’s abundant gifts help me overcome my scarcity mindset. Today I thank and praise him for all the ways he’s helped me overcome my not-enough thinking, and how he’s given me hope as a healing balm.

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Questions for you:
      • Have you had trouble finding hope for tomorrow? Why?
      • How do faith and trust link to hope in your spiritual life?
      • How do you pray when you are trapped in not-enough thoughts?
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44 thoughts on “The Abundant Life, Part 4

  1. Sarah I think so many of us struggle with scarcity in one way or another. Your example of prayer is one I will share with our boys, 13 and 11. Have a blessed weekend. Your writing friend from FMF, Julie

    1. Hi Julie! Thank you for coming over from FMF. I have two boys, aged 13 and 11 like yours, plus a 9-year-old daughter. I actually hadn’t thought about sharing that prayer model with mine, and you’ve inspired me! I will be happy to check out your post too. Blessings to you as well!

    1. Hello Rachel! You’ve blessed me with that share. I love Lyli’s linkup, and I’ll check your post out there. Blessings on your weekend!

  2. I really love the connection you’ve made between the scarcity mindset and hope. Hope in God’s goodness and faithfulness is the antidote to so many of the fears and anxieties we have. Thanks for your encouraging words, Sarah.

    Jeannie (I’m #54 in this week’s linkup)

  3. So enjoyed this Sarah! Love how you connected your thought patterns to a lack of hope mindset. I also valued your prayer as it connected hope to the truth found in Scripture. Blessings!

    1. Hi Gretchen! Thank you so much. I always learn something new when I visit your site, and I’m glad you found something good here!

  4. I love what the Bible says about Abraham, that when there was no hope (in the natural), he believed in hope (God’s promises). Thanks for reminding us of the importance of hope!

    1. Hello Donna! Yes, Abraham’s story is an excellent example of the power of hope. Thank you for stopping by!

  5. This is so encouraging, Sarah. I can struggle with giving up hope too easily. I’ve thought about making it my One Word for the year, but haven’t done it yet. Maybe next year? 🙂 This is good: “My fears are calmed when I deliberately choose to place my hope in God’s promises.” Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa! Wow, that’s a great choice for the One Word. Can’t wait to see which word you choose for 2018, friend!

  6. Hi Sarah! You know what gives me hope more than anything? The hope of heaven. Ultimately, we win! Thanks for visiting over at my pray without ceasing page. Glad to meet you!

    1. Glad to meet you too, Leebird! Yes, the hope of heaven is beautiful! I’m reading a new book by John Eldridge about it called All Things New, and I’m going to post a review on it later today–it’s an AMAZING resource for inspiring hope!

  7. Good morning, Sarah! Isn’t it amazing that right in the midst of every blessing we could ever imagine we can so easily adopt this scarcity mindset. It’s almost a bit scary what happens when we head in that direction, when we take our eyes off Jesus, when we forget all He’s done for us.

    Gratitude. That’s what’s coming to mind right about now. Thanks for taking us there today …

    Blessings to you!

    1. Hi Linda! Yes, I’m putting my eyes back on Jesus and clinging to gratitude and hope today, before the busy holiday season begins. Blessings to you too!

  8. When we first believe His promises and then meditate on them, it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. God is awesome like that. I love reading how God has worked in your heart, Sarah. 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly–thanks for your kind comment. I really like your most recent holiday-themed post too. Hanging in there with you as the holiday season approaches.

  9. Sarah-your post felt like it was written for me directly. I have always struggled with a scarcity mindset (never had a name for it before). Currently, we are in a fragile season as my husband has been laid off for nine months. I am amazed at how God provides beyond my expectations. Trust is challenging though. You have provided a great foundation for keeping me rooted in hope. It also connects with a discussion we just had in a small group of “having enough.” The Holy Spirit moves like that!

    1. Hello Stephanie. Yes, I’ve seen on your blog that you’re in a time of struggle. I am so glad that my post encouraged you, friend. That’s exactly what I want to do through my writing. You might like my Trusting God in Times of Transition video series, which you can access on my videos page at You will be in my prayers this week–thank you for sharing your heart here.

  10. Hey Sarah! I love what you’ve shared here. Your writing really soothes my soul. I’m so afraid of the upcoming holiday season that I’ve begun to stock-pile your writing. LOL! I’ve just ordered your 25 Days to Christmas Devotional. I will need it! 🙂 Question: Even thought I’m already subscribed to your blog, I just entered my name and email address so that I could download “5 days to greater peace” and nothing happened. How can I get my hands on that book?

    1. Hi friend! Thank you so much for ordering Christmas Peace for Busy Moms! Be sure to come back on Nov. 2 because you can enter your receipt in the giveaway. You should have gotten a “Confirm Your Email Address”-type email from me, and once you do that, the 5 Days to Greater Peace should be on its way. If you have any other problems, message me on my Contact page and I’ll get to the heart of the problem. Blessings to you, friend!

  11. I love the way you’ve used prayer–even giving us a beautiful example–as the path to building your faith in the Lord in each tempting moment, Sarah. It’s so easy to run straight for our fears and “scarcity mindset” instead of turning to the Lord for the strength we need. Inspiring thoughts, my friend! I’ll be sharing for sure!

  12. Sarah, your words are reassuring and similar to my faith walk where I have had to go back and reremind myself of who God says he is, and what he is all about. I especially love your prayer for the financial provision. When we take our doubts and flailings to him straight away, they don’t seem to have a hold on us like they would if we just internalized the doubts and kept going on about the day. There is something to be said about laying it at the foot of the cross, of casting our cares on him. Thank you for this.

    1. Hi Meghan–you are on my heart lately, friend. Praying God’s peace for you today! Be sure to come back and enter my giveaway today!

  13. Your post reminds me of when I used to think I was only good enough for the crumbs at His table – and so I wouldn’t ask for anything but the crumbs – but when I realized he wanted me to sit at the table with him, to shake loose my faith-hope-love self improverished inprisonment – and pile my plate high with the good things he has for me – well, it was a life changer. I still catch myself with a scarcity mindset and have to shake it off – but what a loving Father you and I have who heaps his love on us!

    1. What a beautiful comment, friend. I understand, because I thought I was only good enough for crumbs most of the time too. Thank you for this thoughtful response to my post. I hope you’ll return for my new series today!

    1. Hi Sarah. Thanks for visiting! I hope you’ll come back today for my new series and giveaway!

  14. “Hope is a relatively new friend of mine…” It’s amazing that we can intellectually understand the gospel, but peeling off the layers of the heart requires so much more of us. This has been an inspiring series, Sarah. Thanks for sharing!

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