A Prayer for Peaceful Expectations


Prince of Peace,

In my Pinterest world

I pin and post in preparation for perfection.

In my conflict-laced world

I skate on the surface of denial.

In my Grinch-threatened world

I bury my dreams inside disillusion.


But I can’t stop longing

for a peaceful Christmas.


In past seasons of outrageous expectations

I expected much from myself

much from my family

much from everyone.

And much was expected of me.

Disappointment loomed.

People-pleasing ran me ragged.

The right gifts

perfect attendance

pasted-on smiles

never produced peace

but increased frustration.

Your Word and your people

taught me to expect less.

To grant myself grace

widen berth between family members

and seek your Spirit’s guidance.


Now I expect some brokenness

some conflict

some disappointment.

Leaving room for a little hurt

opens up wide spaces

for Christmas peace.


I find peace by seeking you first

by caring for myself

by serving my husband and children.

All other requests can wait.

I set my expectations

down at your feet

and settle my heart

in your peace and hope.


This poem-prayer was based on my chapter for Peaceful Expectations in my book Christmas Peace for Busy Moms.  See the online Bible study entry for Peaceful Expectations also.



Looking for more Christmas peace?  Check out my book, Christmas Peace for Busy Moms and visit this link to access the online Bible study.

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14 thoughts on “A Prayer for Peaceful Expectations

  1. Sarah, I’m back here from the second Linkup today 🙂 I think God is trying to speak to me about peace! I have a hectic day planned with tight schedules. I think He wants to be my Prince of Peace.

    1. Sherry, I pray he will lead you in a peaceful walk this busy December. Heading over to your blog for a peek now!

  2. I have taken this approach too, choosing to focus on God and search for his peace during a busy season of life. I think it is just the beginning of a journey into being still more often.

  3. What beautiful reflections, Sarah! I also desire to lay my expectations down at his feet–and worship, rather than worry about everything going perfectly. Oh, Lord, fill us with your peace this Christmas! Thanks again for the wonderful book from your giveaway! Looking forward to digging into a good read. Many blessings to you this season!

  4. This prayer is beautiful. I felt myself exhale and I felt more peace as I read your words and agreed in my heart. Thank you for sharing and for linking up last week at Grace and Truth. I would love to feature this post this Friday.

    1. Dawn, that would be an amazing blessing to me! I adore your linkup, especially because you order it to be a level playing field and an external link that doesn’t take so long to load. If you want to feature me, go right ahead. I am honored and blessed!

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