A Prayer for Peaceful Beginnings

Prince of Peace,

You came as two cells united

as all of us begin

woven together

in the most mysterious way.

You formed in the darkness

of a young girl’s womb

listening to peaceful rhythms

of heartbeats, blood

pumping, and murmuring voices.

Your presence a light

in darkness

before you were born,

before any of us

came to be.


Prince of Peace,

you entered the world

in poverty and darkness

your riches hidden

in matted hair

tiny eyelashes

slate blue gaze.

Your tiny fingers

grasped Mary’s hand tight,

little palms destined

for piercing.

She counted your toes,

kissed your forehead

never imagining thorns

pressed in flesh.

Yet she knew

you were the Messiah,

the holy one

destined to deliver peace

to God’s people.


Prince of Peace,

with you we celebrate

new beginnings

with ends yet unknown.

With you we celebrate

mysterious peace

in ordinary places:

amid rocks, dust, and straw

with sore feet and dirty clothes

after weary travel and stale bread.

With you we celebrate

peace that comes with new life

the hope that sparks

with new birth.

With you we celebrate

light piercing the darkness

as angels suddenly filled

the night sky

announcing peace

to God’s people.


Prince of Peace,

help us find your light

in our darkness.

Help us discover your peace

in our ordinary places

our weary days

our new beginnings.


Join me December 6-23, 2016 for a series of Christmas Prayers.


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