4 Ways Consistent Writing Stretches You

I’m so excited to write over at Meghan Weyerbacher’s blog today! Here’s a teaser of the post, and please make sure to click on this link and read the rest!

For the past year, I have taken time to write consistently. Inspired by this post about John Grisham writing his books early in the morning before work, I took the challenge to write much more often.   Mondays through Saturdays, I got up early and wrote before anyone else in my family was awake.

These early morning hours produced hundreds of blog posts and three self-published books, which led me to thank God for leading me on this diligent path.   Yet, as I reflect on the past year, I have more to show for in my character development than in my writing results. I have been stretched, and it’s been good for me. If you haven’t tried writing very consistently before, here are four ways it will stretch you for the better.

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