House in the Woods, 2003

2003 house in the woods0001

Taking a break from carrying lumber

he calls me onto his lap.

“This is where our pond will be someday,” D says.

I picture my ancestors in these woods,

hunting squirrels and burying their glass bottles.

Green surrounds us.  I listen

to the tapping woodpecker, the chattering

cardinals, the water flowing in this gully.

We are pioneers:

clearing the trees,

pouring the foundation,

raising the walls ourselves.

Like my great-great-grandparents

we build our hopes

into this piece of land.

I can’t feel the baby moving inside yet

but our little one will grow up here

hunting toads, picking daffodils,

and opening gifts.

D’s arms wrap around me

and I thank God we both

have found a stable


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