2 Devotionals to Inspire Your Quiet Time

2 devotionals to inspire your quiet time. #biblestudy #devotional #quiettime

I’m a huge fan of devotionals, and I’m always looking for fresh inspiration. Here are two new books I’ve found that are perfect for my morning quiet time.

Be awakened to the sound of God's voice in Priscilla Shirer's book. #devotional #bible #biblestudy

Awaken: 90 Days with the God who Speaks

Priscilla Shirer is a renowned Bible teacher, but this is the first time I’ve read one of her books. I picked up this book as part of a special bundle at Lifeway this Christmas season. In two weeks, a new online Bible study for her book Discerning the Voice of God begins (read an excerpt here), and I want to become familiar with her writing before I begin the study. It’s free to sign up, and the study videos are the same as the ones you’d study in a church or group.

What I enjoy most about Priscilla’s writing voice is her confidence in God mixed with humility. She is obviously a powerful communicator and a woman of rock-solid faith. Yet she is real, sharing stories of her own daily life that inspire me. Originally she wrote the devotions in her own prayer journals. I think that’s why this book has such a personal feel, which I find refreshingly intimate from such a spiritual powerhouse.

Her devotions include slices of life like putting groceries away, surveying damage after a rain storm, and dealing with a bored child. But most of the devotions are teaching-focused, because she is a gifted Bible-teacher. The book flap tells the truth: “This kind of reading [devotional book] is not merely for the purpose of leisure and enjoyment. With this kind of book you’re praying for something more–to hear from God, receive His direction, and be refreshed in the depths of your soul.” I couldn’t think of a better summary for this book.

This beautiful quote from the book tells you what you can expect:

Be alert…present…fully engaged in the day stretched out before you. He’ll be there. Waiting to be seen by anyone watching and waiting.

Another aspect of this book I really enjoy is the plentiful lined space after each devotion for personal reflection and prayer. If you use the space to record what God is saying to you through the 90 devotions, you will surely see how the book helped you awaken to new awareness of His presence and new understanding of His desires for you.

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Praise God for His majesty with Devotions from the Mountains. #devotional #biblestudy #bible
Devotions from the Mountains

More than any other devotional I’ve read, this gorgeous book prompts me to praise God for his majesty. Breathtaking pictures of mountain scenery fill this book, which reminds me of the two years I lived on a mountain top.

My alma mater for my English degree is Covenant College. It’s located on top of Lookout Mountain, Georgia in the Smoky Mountains. The sunsets were spectacular, and the sparkling evening view of Chattanooga, Tennessee never ceased to amaze me. Let me tell you, the autumn scenery was astounding, and I’ve never seen anything else that compares. Here’s a picture of me in Cloudland Canyon, just down the road from Covenant, sometime in 1998:

Sometimes I would take a break from my heavy course load and hike in the mountains. Other times I would simply sit at a lookout and soak up the beauty. This unique devotional reminds me of those times when I drew close to God on Lookout Mountain.

Anyone who enjoys camping, hiking, or climbing in the mountains will truly enjoy this book. The devotions feature a variety of subjects like wildlife, mountain flowers, sunsets, and snowstorms. The full-spread photos are pauses that inspire praise for God’s marvelous creation. 

The devotions are about one page long, and include a brief, personal prayer. The writing voice will appeal to either a male or female reader. I plan to use this book in my personal worship time.

I want to take more time to praise God from a position of awe and wonder, and this book is the perfect tool for helping me do that.

If you enjoy mountain scenery and devotionals, this is the ideal book for your quiet time. Here’s a quote to give you a sneak peek:

Just as we often feel both humbled and exhilarated by the mountains, it is fitting to be humbled and exhilarated in God’s presence.

The BookLook Bloggers Program provided me a free review copy of this book–many thanks!

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Question for you: Which book looks most interesting to you? I love hearing your thoughts in the comments section!

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  • Thanks for sharing these reviews, Sarah! The Priscilla Shirer study looks great- I loved her book “Fervent”. I’ll check out the online study. I’m not going to have time to read the book right now but I might sign up to watch the videos and at least get some of the teaching!

    • Sarah Geringer

      That is exactly what I’ve done for the past few studies Lifeway has hosted online. I have found that they enhance my study once I get into the book!

  • Mary

    Both books sound wonderful. I love Priscilla Shirer and can only imagine how good her devotional would be. The other one sounds like a breath of beauty among God’s word. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sarah Geringer

      Hi Mary! It’s her first devotional, and if you’re a fan of hers, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. I also visited your site and I love the word you chose for 2018. Blessings to you!

  • I have never read any of Priscilla Shirer’s books, but I’ve wanted to! I honestly don’t know why I haven’t, but I’ll have to put it on my TBR list asap!

    And the other books sounds beautiful!

    • Sarah Geringer

      I know you have a large group of TBR books like me. Either one is worth adding 🙂

  • I need to just praise God more, that’s for sure. Right now, I am reading A Moment to Breathe. 🙂

    • Sarah Geringer

      I read and reviewed A Moment to Breathe…it’s definitely one of my favorites from 2017!

  • Bev @ Walking Well With God

    Thanks for the devotion suggestions….I like Priscilla Shirer’s books. Just wish, with the Foundation work, I had more time for reading. Also appreciated your post on beating the blues. So thankful I live in NC where there is a lot of sunshine even in the winter. Loved your phrase about “in order to catch the spark, we need to return to God.” So true!!
    Bev xx

    • Sarah Geringer

      Thanks for being a subscriber, Bev! Glad that comment blessed you. I love reading, and even I wish I had more time to read! I like to combine reading with exercising by using my IPad while on my treadmill. Hope to do that tonight! Blessings on all your ministry work in 2018.

  • Thanks for this post, Sarah. I love Priscilla. The ladies ministry at my church completed several of her Bible studies, Discerning the Voice of God & Armor of God. I didn’t know about this devotional, but it looks wonderful. Also, I’ve visited Covenant College before for a conference or concert. I’m a mountain girl who loves anything about the mountains. 🙂

    • Sarah Geringer

      I can’t wait for the online study to get started and to dig into my brand-new Discerning the Voice of God book. Covenant is a place in my past and my heart, and I’m so thankful it’s part of my story. Glad to hear from a mountain girl like you, friend!

  • Susan

    Priscilla’s please!!! I like her and her sister and her father!!!

    • Sarah Geringer

      Yes, I enjoy hearing Tony Evans on the radio, and I loved Chrystal Evans Hurst’s She’s Still There, plus her message at She Speaks 2017. I also just heard her brother Jonathan on a recent Focus on the Family broadcast. God is working so powerfully through that family!

  • I had the privilege of hearing Priscilla Shirer speak at an Awaken event in Dallas. It was POWERFUL. Pinning this!

    • Sarah Geringer

      I can only imagine how powerful her message was to you, Betsy. Thank you so much for pinning! I’m trying to boost my pinning in 2018 and you are one of my models. Blessings to you!

  • I’ve read a couple of Priscilla Shirer’s books and really appreciate her truth-telling, too. Thanks for sharing about her devotional. I didn’t know she had it out.

    I visited Covenant College a few years ago for a Sara Groves’ concert. Yes, it was indeed a beautiful setting! I can see why you loved it.

    • Sarah Geringer

      I wish I would have returned there for the Sara Groves concert, had I known. Can you believe when I was a student there, the campus hosted a Phillips, Craig & Dean concert and I didn’t go because I didn’t know who they were?!? Their praise song based on Revelation is one of my top favorites. I may do a post sometime on the BIG misses I had…I can think of at least three off the top of my head!

  • Denise Rodriquez

    Thanks for recommending these books, Sarah! I’ve been thinking about a Bible study book I should start using. I’m thinking I might like the second one since I love the outdoors and live in the mountains!

    • Sarah Geringer

      I’m sure you’ll love it since you live in the mountains. What a blessing to be surrounded by beauty every day!

  • I have another book by Priscilla Shirer that is just too good on the armor of God. I can’t wait to read more by her. Thanks for linking up to Literacy Musings.

    • Sarah Geringer

      Thanks for your comment, Tami! I have her Fervent book that I need to read too!

  • Christy Mobley

    Sarah, good reading tips. Thank you.

    • Sarah Geringer

      Hi Christy! Thank you for stopping by today!